Wild Blood 1.1.0 apk

Wild Blood 1.0.9 apk
Wild Blood-gorgeous saga about the adventures of Lancelot’s sulfur, which is ready to challenge for the love of the dark forces of hell! You have to save the beloved Lancelot’s Queen Gvinervu, kidnapped the sister of Morgaine and King Arthur’s zatočivšej it on the magical island of Avalon! Amazing 3D graphics based on the latest Unreal Engine Technology! Epic battle awaits, fairy-tale characters, incredible mobile platform special effects! Great story line that his point of vision will tell the story of the legendary Knight Lancelot, and guide you through ten exciting levels up to the island of Avalon!
Twenty types of enemies with the most powerful and dangerous bosses at the end, a huge selection of various weapons, great entertainment and dynamic nature of the battle, the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding world, all waiting for you in just a magnificent game!
Version 1.1.0 Gameloft Store installs over version 1.0.9 with no loss of saves! (does not require ROOT ACCESS, offline, online, you will only have the first time!)

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