[ MOD ] [THEME] Ginger Sony Framework mod V2 by adek89

Info[ MOD ] [THEME] Ginger Sony Framework mod V2 by adek89


After a long, error etc etc I managed to do that mod completely changes the appearance of Ginger rom Sony (in addition to appearance of the application). Works on v6 and v7 so it should.


If you crash your SystemUI and status bar disappear when you need to move up swuj systemui file in my parcel.

Change are:

* Icon battery
* Icon footprint
* Background statusbar’u the rozunieciu
* Sound Icons
* And more

Added / Changed

* Fonts lockscreen with rom MiniCM 7-2.2.1

* Fonts text with Android 2.1

* The separation of rectal statusbar background is 50% transparent

* New icons in systemui


Ginger Sony Framework V2 mod by adek89


The original appearance of the rom


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