[KERNEL][d2att] Ziggy471 Kernel [SGH-I747]

Angry[KERNEL][d2att] Ziggy471 Kernel [SGH-I747]

Hi all! On the behalf of Synergy Team & Ziggy!

Zigg471 Well known for his work! I’m part of his SynergyTeam! Last night he made me a kernel for d2att Galaxy S3 SGH-I747! Gave me perms to post it up! So Everything Goes to Ziggy! I tested it ! It works! So Huge thanks to him!

Initial Release :

Features :

Here’s a down and dirty log

Based originally off of the Sprint JB Source, updated with a few items from the VZW JB release
OC’d to 1.9GHz
Undervolted slightly
sysfs vdd interface
Lagfree and SmartAssv2, both with full sysfs interface
FastCharge, default is off
exFat /should/ work, worked on a 4GB card, 64GB is in route
Plenty of other tweaks in the config files, and more to come! etc etc

Other features..? Just let me know and we will work it out!

Download & Source Links at #2!

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